Story, Interactivity and Character Workshop
Published by John Torvi on February 02, 2008

I went to this workshop at the Banff Centre the weekend before last.  It was my second time at this annual workshop, so I knew what I was in for.  The weekend was put on by the Banff New Media Institute and Digital Alberta, and they had presenters come from various entertainment companies to talk about the craft of storytelling in digital media.  It's a chance to get advice and feedback from people who have established themselves in the business, and meet a lot of like minded people who are interested in the storytelling art.  The initmate setting was such that attendees were able to chat with presenters over meals in between the sessions during the day.

Featured speakers were Matt Costello (7th Guest, Doom 3), Tad Stone (Starz Film Roman Studios), Gabe Kean (Belle & Wissel Co., Born Magazine), and Mike Laidlaw and Matt Rhodes (Bioware).   Previous speakers have come from such companies as Pixar, Cyan Worlds, Sony Imageworks, and Dreamgazers Interactive Inc.

I feel very fortunate to be able to go to events like these to learn, to recharge and to just be inspired.  You not only learn through the workshops that you go to, but through the people that you meet each day, and through the stories that the speakers tell over morning breakfast.

Special thanks goes out to all who put together this event.  And also Chad Kerychuk from the Banff New Media Institute, who boosted my truck from certain death, as I was on my way back to Calgary.

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