Poking holes in hits
Published by John Torvi on September 24, 2007

I was watching tv on the weekend when a tv announcer came on who was talking about generating hits for a website and how that was an important indication of the number of visitors going to a website.

What are hits?  Are they like mob hits?  Hit singles?  Why are they important?

To put it simply, if a webpage contains 5 images, then one visit to that page would constitute 6 hits (1 page + 5 images)

Thus hits, while expressing the number of files that were requested, actually don't demonstrate the number of visitors that visited a website.

Why is this significant to the everyday person who is just concerned with trying to draw more people to their website?  Imagine if you are trying to tell your boss that the company website is getting a million hits a month.  Yet your boss replies and says that number isn't anywhere close to the revenue that is being generated by the site.  Your visitor count could actually be closer to 100, 000 or less, depending on how many pages and how many images and other files are on your site.

Thankfully, there are tools out there that allow you to see a better picture of how well your website is actually doing, and how many people are actually visiting your site (amongst other things)

Satu Creative Technology educates its clients on the use of web analytics and uses Google Analytics to produce accurate reports of visitor traffic.

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