Beautifully Arranged
Published by John Torvi on February 26, 2008

What happens when you blend an interesting story within your advertising. shared a story about a video advertisement from Ford that was done for the UK.

Ford, or the advertising company that worked for Ford, hired a team to create musical instruments out of their 2008 Ford Focus hatchback to be played in a commercial using music composed by a motion picture composer. This to herald in the dramatic re-styling of the Ford Focus product

There has been controversy over the authenticity of the instruments being played, because they sounded TOO GOOD to be believed. Anyone who knows musical instruments knows that there is a great deal of care and expense put into instruments to make them sound good.

One would see on the surface that this could be a public relations nightmare. After all, if they're trying to put one over on us with musical instruments, what does that say about their claims about their products?

However, the conversation isn't about the quality of the car. It's about the instruments made from the car. And the controversary regarding them, couldn't have been a better result for Ford.

Ford continues the conversation this week by releasing an 'informal' interview with Bill Milbrodt, the maker of the instruments used in the commercial. Bill has previous experience with making musical instruments out of car parts and lets us behind the scenes to discover the process for putting together the commercial.

It will remain to be seen whether or not this directly affects the sales of Ford Focus hatchbacks. But people will stop at the auto mall and recognize that this is the car that was taken apart to create beautiful music. And they will remember the controversy that surrounded the advertisement.

And for Ford, that is a good starting point.

Three Minute Extended Version

Milbrodt Interview

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