Three ways to establish your technical credibility
Published by John Torvi on January 24, 2009

1. Write blog articles on what your potential market is looking for

If you are looking for a job, pay attention to things (in the job description) that companies are looking for when they post employment opportunities.

If these are things that you have experience with, share freely your knowledge with your potential audience on your blog. They could be your next employer.

And please don\'t take this as "steal someone else's content from some other blog to demonstrate your experience". Anyone can do that! You still have to pass the interview, and people will know whether you know what you are talking about.

Show some finesse! Use the knowledge that you have combined with a particular situation that you've come across and show your *applied knowledge* to the problems that you solved.

2. Look on Internet forums to see what potential customers are saying

Look at what they are having trouble with; especially the ones that aren't getting any answers. They'll be looking.

Write a more informative solution than what is out there right now. Be exemplary.

Again, no stealing. You're a putz if you steal. All that says is that you know how to use copy and paste. Did I mention the word 'exemplary'?

Writing in general is not an art, it is a discipline. You can get better at it if you apply yourself.

3. Use Google Analytics to discover what people are *really* looking for on your site

Complete the strategies above, use ping-o-matic <link> and wait a few days, then plunk into GA.

Go to 'Traffic Sources', and look at the 'keywords' report.

Look at the keywords that people were searching for and found your site. Not everyone that reaches your site, is trying to solve the same problem. From the keywords listed, you should be able to find some other problems that people are trying to solve. Those could be your next blog posts.


When you start a blog you have to establish the audience whose attention you wish to capture. The focus should be on the topics that they are talking about.

Do all the regular things that you do to promote your blog or your website. And let people know that you are in on the conversation.  

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