John Torvi has over 8 years of professional experience developing web and digital media projects.

When John was a mere 13 years of age, he was introduced to computer graphics and animation through his father, a professor at the University of Calgary's Mechanical Engineering faculty who taught the relatively new computer aided design course. For his grade 5 science fair project, John produced a short but crude ASCII computer animation on a Commodore PET entitled “Hilarious Harry Goes Into Space”. His project was awarded 3rd prize at that year's science fair. Although he did not win that year, there was a sharp increase in the number of computer based projects at the science fair in the following year.

In junior high, John won Junior Achievement's city wide essay contest for an essay on small business' impact on the economy.

He attended the Southern Alberta Institute for Technology in the Computer Technology program, working on a web-based hockey school registration system for his class project, and a web-based employee directory for his internship at Smed International.

For a year, he worked at the Quickdraw Animation Society for Fifteen Pound Pink Productions, working on their short film "Mr. Reaper's Really Bad Morning". He created forms for keeping track of the thousands of paper drawings to be digital cleaned, traced and painted, and developed a cleaning process which reduced cleaning times for scenes from months or weeks to days.

He has completed digital media work in such sectors as oil and gas, health, tourism, home building, communications and marketing, office furniture manufacturing, animation and e-learning sectors. A highlight of his career has been working on the Yukon Quest dog race website, completing a real-time race update system used by fans around the world and race teams alike.

As a creative and technical professional, John brings a wealth of experience on a wide range of projects to help his clients grow and manage their web presence on-line.

In his spare time, John enjoys spending time with his family, playing music, and honing his carpentry skills.